Thanksgiving Festivities!

Hello blogging world! Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to share some of the Thanksgiving festivities we've been doing in the classroom with you. 

1. My Thankful Alphabet
Naturally, we started talking about what we're thankful for this week. We threw around some ideas and the listed them on the white board. The board was quickly filling up and I used it as an object lesson to see how many things we have to be thankful for. I challenged them to continue their list - to find 26 things, to be exact, one for each letter of the alphabet. 

2. Growing Interesting Facts:
We watched a Scholastic video about the Wampanoag Indians. The students took notes during video and then recorded three of the most important facts on a cut out corn-on-the-cob pattern. I then put them all on a bulletin board entitled "Growing Interesting Facts"

 3. Thanksgiving writing
I found this cute Thanksgiving wordle-type sheet from Pintrest and decided to use it as a writing activity in the classroom. The students were each given a sheet and tasked with writing a Thanksgiving story using as many of the words as possible. They crossed out the words as they used them.

Fun Thanksgiving Poster to display. Give one to your kids and have them write Thanksgiving stories using the words on the poster. FREE

4. Things I Am Thankful For...Turkey
This craft has two pages: the first was a circular wheel on which the students wrote 8 things that they were thankful for. The second was a turkey shape that the students colored and cut out. They layered the pages and then connected them with a push pin, so that they can spin the back sheet and have different items/people they're thankful for show in the slot.

5. Wait! Don't eat me!
As a part of our writing unit, the students need to write a persuasive letter. Well instead of writing on just anything, I had them write from the perspective of a turkey! They had to write to an American family with 3 quality reasons why they should NOT eat them for Thanksgiving dinner! The letters were hilarious - the students did a wonderful job (although I'm not persuaded enough to abstain on Thanksgiving!)

6. My Thanksgiving gift for the students:
As a way of saying "I'm thankful for you" to my students, I gave them Thanksgiving bookmarks from Addie Education. I printed the bookmarks on colorful paper and then wrote an acrostic poem for each student's name. 

It's been a lovely Thanksgiving week - I love incorporating seasonal activities into the curriculum, so I can do crafty things with my students while still engaging them and enriching their learning.

Here's a sneak peak at one of my big Christmas projects:
A book report in the shape of a present - stay tuned for more details...

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