Teaching Tips Linky Party

I'm linking up with "Miss Kindergarten" for a Teaching Tip linky party!

I love learning about new and innovative tips to make our daily tasks easier - and would like to share a couple with you!

1. Keeping track of work that has been turned in:
When students turn in their homework or a classroom assignment, they must write their name and their classroom number on the top. Once the students have turned in their homework, I sort them in alphabetical order and then can easily see who did and did not turn in their H.W. I put a sticky note on the top of the stack with the student names who did not turn in the paper and they get put on my "ketchup" board. I have a picture of a ketchup bottle on my board. Students who have missing work that needs to be made-up goes on my ketchup board because their need to "catch up" :)

Students Who Need To "Ketchup!"

I put a paper clip on the side of the stack. Then, on a prep period or at home, I grade their work, enter the grades into the computer, and move the paperclip to the top of the stack. If the paper clip is still on the side of the papers, then I know that it needs to be entered in the computer.

Here's a picture of a stack of papers that have been graded and entered in the computer:

2. Every marking period (or quarter) I have my students set goals for themselves. Goals can be academic, social, spiritual, etc. Then, at the end of each quarter, we reflect on our progress using this chart:
It can be used at the end of each month, each quarter, each semester, and/or each year.
Click here to download the Goals reflection document for FREE!

Here's a picture of our Warriors Goals we made as a class in September:

Enjoy! Head on over to Miss Kindergarten's blog to link up with your fabulous teaching tips!

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