Tell Me Something Good Linky!

Well I'm linking up with Jennifer's "Tell Me Something Good" party - what a cute idea! Sometimes in the midst of the chaos and hectic-ness of life, it's nice to stop and focus on what is going well at school and at home. So, without further adieu, here's my "Tell Me Something Good"...

At school: The students just turned in their first book report and did a FABULOUS job on them. They had to read a book and complete a book report - on a tissue box! Whenever we need a new tissue box in the classroom, I'll put out one of their projects and display it until all of the tissues are gone.
You can read more about the project on this post here.

Here are some sample pictures of their Tissue Box Book Reports:

At home: My husband and I had a wonderfully fall day yesterday, starting off with a scrumptious pancake breakfast (that he made! talk about luxury), spent time decorating our house for fall, and went for a long walk in a nature preserve near our house, enjoying the fall foliage. Top it all off with a wonderful church service and a delicious lunch with friends - It was glorious!

That's it for me - now it's your turn! Link up and tell me something good!
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