Fun Friday and Pintrest Reorganization!

And...I'm linking up with Kelly from Teaching Fourth once again for her Fun-Friday linky party! 

Here's my overview of the week:

Fun Week: Here's a picture of the "Retelling Rope" 

I made it poster-size, so I could display it in the room for easy reference.

 And here's an example of the worksheet we filled out:

Fun Pin: 


TONS of awesome election ideas:

Fun Weekend: Check out The Strand's website - it's an AMAZING store!


Attention Pintrest Followers!

What should one do while school is cancelled for the dreaded Frankenstorm?!?! 

Spend the morning reorganizing her Pinterest boards, of course :)

I don't know about you, but I am fully on board the Pintrest obsession wagon! I get carpel tunnel from pinning :)

I had one large board titled "Teaching Ideas" that had almost 1000 pins on it - tons of great ideas, but not necessarily very organized. If I wanted to recall an idea I had pinned, I had to sift through endless pages. But, I hesitated to change it because a lot of people following my teaching board. This morning I bit the bullet and split the massive board up into many, smaller boards based on different subject areas. 

So, if you were following me, please come check out my new organization and follow the different boards:

And if you weren't a follower before - I'd love for you to join!

Enjoy perusing! :)

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