My First Year of Teaching SCRAPBOOK!

Hello bloggy friends!

Besides teaching, another one of my passions is being crafty! I love to scrapbook, stamp, crop, make cards, and create decor for my home and classroom. Because this is a blog dedicated to my teaching ideas, I haven't been sharing my crafty thoughts, but I've decided this one's okay because the whole project revolved around teaching!

This is a sampling from a fun album filled with photos and memories of my first year of teaching at Abundant Life Academy in Nutley, NJ. The first year is a special (and chaotic!) time that I will always hold dear in my heart. To preserve the memories and stories, I decided to create a scrapbook.

My album cover that includes a picture of our school, the ALA logo, and a sample sweatshirt (gotta love school spirit!)
"Before" Pictures of my classroom when I first saw it and the letter sent to the staff in July 2011. I was so thrilled to see my name being introduced as the new fifth grade teacher! I also shared an (embarrassing) memory that makes me laugh every time I think about it

Back to School! A page celebrating the first day of school and the annual "Back to School Night" where I meet and greet with the parents.
Our field trip to the Intrepid Museum in New York City! I included not only pictures, but also our tickets, a museum guide, and the dog tags they gave each student (and eager teacher!) to remember our fun trip.

Olympic Day is a huge field day where the whole school marches five blocks to a nearby park. Once we're there we divide into our four teams and spend the day running in relay races - or in my case, screaming my head off and cheering on my team! The culmination of the day is a crazy tug-of-war competition.
A page celebrating the last day of school (Promotion Day).
 If you'd be interested in having a custom scrapbook made (about anything - not just teaching!) then please let me know. I have a small business, JOY Scrapbooking, and I would love to show you more samples of albums I've made for others, give you references, and discuss your project details. *I have a special holiday rate coming up that you're going to LOVE! Leave a comment and I'll send you the details :)

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