Lawler LIVE!

We all have to do class presentations, right? It's a great way for students to build confidence, work on their public speaking skills, share their work, and practice encouraging their classmates. 

Some students love presenting, while others dread speaking in front of others. To keep presentations interesting and make students more eager to present, I've started a classroom television show..."Lawler LIVE!" 

I am the host (obviously) and call up students to interview. I also use this to interview special guests who come into the classroom for Readers are Leaders month, etc. The students practice proper audience skills while showing respect and encouragement to their classmates. We've made up a theme song for the show :) and students can do "commercial breaks" where they advertise for different books they've read, various events we're studying in history, etc.

When I post this sign on the board, the students cheer! 

I have a two-sided sign that I choose a student to flip: Applause and Silence...

This keeps the kids under control and reminds them when they should be silent and respectful.

And, as a bonus, I wanted to share some great teaching quotes I found in a TPT email:
  • "If you're focused on behavior, your focus is wrong. Focus on learning and behavior management will become easier - your best tool is an engaging lesson."
  • "Each child in your classroom is somebody's whole entire world." 
  • "Have a back up plan."  That's something that's stuck with me since student teaching.  I always hope and expect for things to go smoothly, but having something ready just in case of a *lesson disaster* has saved me numerous times.
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