Country Creation

We just finished a history unit on map-making and the students had a lot of fun learning about the different parts of a map on all sorts of different types of maps. To wrap up the unit, I didn't want them to just take a test about maps - I wanted to give them a chance to put their knowledge into practice and to actually create a map.

Hence, our latest project: Country Creation!

The students had to create a themed-country (it could be about themselves, a sport, a television show, etc.) and design a map of the country with the following features:

  • Key/Legend (with symbols)
  • Title (the name of your country)
  • Orientation/Direction (compass rose with intermediate directions)
  • Author (your name)
  • Date (when the map was made)
  • Scale (1 inch = ? miles)
  • Capital city
  • At least 3 major cities
  • At least 3 land forms (rivers, mountains, deserts, swamps, volcanoes, etc.)

Then, as an additional option (to play upon the multiple intelligences) they could choose ONE of the following:
  • Draw your country’s flag
  • Invent a currency for the country
  • Write the country’s national anthem
  • Write 3-4 sentences describing the history of the country: when was it founded, who founded it, the primary reason why it was founded

Here was my example: Lawlerville! :)

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