We're Going on a Sentence Hunt...!

Our first chapter in English was on the lovely world of sentences - subjects and predicates, parts of speech, diagramming sentences, and the four types of sentences.
As a review, I showed the students posters of the different types of sentences. I found mine on Pintrest (where else?!) and they have cute little monsters on them with a definition and an example of each sentence type. Here's the link to the 4 Types of Sentences Monster Posters pin

We made a foldable to reinforce the 4 types of sentences.  Each flap is cut on the solid line and the definition and an example goes behind the flap.

The original link can be found here: Types of Sentences Foldable 

Then we do lots of practice identifying the sentence types - around the room, in our textbook, in magazines, in conversation, etc.

We ended our mini-unit by doing a Sentence Hunt. Each student became a detective and was tasked with hunting through a book to find an example of each type of sentence. It gave them real hands-on experience with the different types of sentences:

You can click to check out the "We're Going on a Sentence Hunt" Activity Packet

Here's a picture of our bulletin board showing off our Sentence Hunt skills:

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