Look Whoos In Our Room!

This fall I branched out from my travel theme (gasp!) because I saw an idea that was just too cute! I put this display outside my door to welcome each student as they enter the classroom. 95% of my bulletin boards are for displaying my student work/activities. However, for the first day, I like the have one thing that is already up and has their names on it. I see it as a reminder that I've been thinking and planning for them to arrive. We can get so caught up in our room set-up and decor that we forget that actual children are going to be coming in! :)

I'm sure you've noticed that owls are "all the rage" these days. They're everywhere! And I'll admit it: I've been bitten by the owl bug! I can't seem to get enough of them :) I saw this idea on Pintrest (of course!) and here's the link to the original: http://pinterest.com/pin/212443

"Look Whoos In Our Room"


Close-up on the teacher owl. 

I bought this mini rug at Target for $2.50! I LOVE the Dollar Spot - it's my home away from home :) I labeled the owl "Mrs. Lawler" and created a speech bubble that says "We're going to have a HOOT this year!"

Close-up of the student owls:

Each student has an owl with their name on it - the grayish white ones are girls and the brown ones are boys. I recently got two new students, but I had made extra owls, so it was simple to label them and stick them up with the rest of the class. I put together my tree trunk and branches and then just stapled the owls around the limbs. I also taped up the yellow and orange leaves for fall.  I taped them because I plan to change them out per season (no leaves or perhaps snowflakes for winter, green leaves for spring, and blossoming flowers (or perhaps fruit!) for the late spring/summer)

Here's the door to my classroom. The owl display is directly to the right and I have tied it in with a sign from Wal-Mart (88 cents!) that has an owl and says "Welcome to Class." I also framed my window (inside and outside) with a border that says "KIDS AT WORK" to remind my students that when they enter the door, it's learning time!

I cut out my owls (and leaves and tree branches) at the LRC. If you do not have access to the amazing world of the LRC, you can print owls out on the computer or use this website for a free owl template for the students to assemble: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FREE-Owl-Template-by-Classroom-Compulsion

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