Back-to-School Night

Our school's Back-to-School Night was last night and it's always such a fun time to share information and partner with the parents. It was a hug success - I had all but two parents come, and those that did were very eager and supportive. 

The Friday before the event, I sent home an invite to each parent. The school sends home a reminder, but I wanted to also send a personal one from me. Here's what it looked like:

When the parents arrive to the classroom, I have them find their child's desk. On it is a "quiz" where the students have filled out information about themselves (their favorite food, movie, outdoor activity, etc.) and the parents have to guess what they wrote without flipping the paper over. My students write notes to their parents, thanking them for the sacrifices they make, and the parents respond with a note of their own. It's always the first thing a child looks for when they enter the classroom the next day.

I found this idea on Pintrest: click here for my Student-Parent Quiz document

I wrote up a "Fifth Grade Survival Guide" packet for the parents to use a reference for what we're going to cover this year, what my class expectations are, and ways to contact me. I include an overview of each subject, a paragraph about homework, the specials schedule, my contact information, and other important information.

Click here for the Survival Guide
Included on the last page on my "Survival Guide" was my Classroom Wishlist. These are items we use in the classroom and parents can volunteer to bring them in. I wrote them on apples and posted them on my whiteboard, so a parent could take an apple as a reminder of what they wanted to send in. That way, I don't end up with 7 parents each sending in a box of Ziploc sandwich bags. One of the things I emphasize is the donation of gently used or new Childrens books. If they send in books, I stick a label on the inside cover that says, "Donated by the ______ family."

And, as a thank-you for coming, I fill bags with popcorn and staple this note on them:

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