Tissue Box Book Report

This week I've been sorting and re-organizing my classroom library! It's my absolute favorite part of my classroom and pictures will be up soon! As I thought of books, I began reflecting on the reading projects I assigned throughout the year. Last year I started the year with a biography project using the Christian Heroes book series (I gave them a choice of 4 books). It was a great project and the students came away inspired and challenged. I'm still planning to use that project, but I wanted to start the year with a different idea.  I'm going to give the students a free choice book report - the only criteria will be that it must be at least 100 pages and a book they haven't read before. However, the medium will be slightly different than normal pen-and-paper...a tissue box! :)

I'm going to provide them with a tissue box (each student brings in 3 the first day) and then give them guidelines for what each side must contain.
  • Book information
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Opinion

I'll collect the projects and then keep them to display throughout the year. As we use up the tissues, I'll pull out another student's project to use - talk about functional art! :)

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