Labels, Labels, Labels!

I'll be the first to admit it...I have a problem. I love everything to be color-coordinated, themed, neat, and organized and cannot rest until my classroom is just that. And one of the best ways I achieve this is LABELS! I label, color-coordinate, and organize everything (including my construction paper...more on that later) and Avery labels make life so much simpler.

If you've been reading my previous posts (birthday balloons and back-to-school goodies), you'll see that I have been making use of the shipping labels (which are large and wonderful). I also always keep a stock of address labels and mailing labels to label binders, books - every book in my classroom library has a sticker that says "This book belongs to Mrs. Lawler" on them so that parents can find them buried deep in the abyss of their child's room and return them to my classroom :) - student materials, classroom job labels, etc.

I wanted to share two freebies with you today. One is the binder covers I use to organize all of my binders which hold my extra ideas (worksheets, activities, games, bulletin board displays, etc.) per subject and season.

Here are a couple samples:

And here is the link to download the entire document of Binder Covers
If you're looking for something specific that is now in the PDF, please leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll make one for any subject that you want.

I've also uploaded my document of Library labels that I use to label the shelves and baskets in my classroom library (which is wonderfully organized and almost ready to be photographed and shared with the world! Stay tuned...)

Here's a sampling:

You can download the PDF for all of my labels here: LIBRARY LABELS

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