Gift Ideas: Back-to-School and Birthdays!

I like to give my students a little something to welcome them to class on the first day of school. Here's what I have planned for this September:

I've made little treat bags that say "I'm so blessed to have a SMARTIE PANTS like you in my class!" and are filled with Smarties candy. It's an easy treat for them to munch on while filling out their Fifth Grade Facebook profiles (activity sheets that are adapted to look like Facebook pages - each student is going to make one and fill out their interests, hobbies, favorites, friends, etc. and have classmates write on their "walls." I'm going to post them on a "Follow Us On Facebook" bulletin board.

Click here for: Smartie Gift labels Use Avery shipping labels 8164
Click here for: Facebook profiles (for grades 1-5) *I did not create this resource*

Secondly, for the students' birthdays, I wanted to give them something special that they would remember. Last year I gave bookmarks and penicils (which were fine), but it's what they received from most other teachers. This year, I've punched out and laminated paper balloons that say "Hope you have a KRAZY KOOL birthday" and attached them to Krazy straws. I then tied on Kool-aid drink packets (they were all the rage last year!). So rather than scrounging around hurriedly when a student comes in on his birthday, I've pre-made enough for all of my students and will let them choose when they come in on their birthday morning. If you have students with summer birthdays, you can give it to them on their half-birthdays or during the last week of school.

Click here for the balloon labels *I edited out my name, so you can personalize it, if you'd like.
Use Avery shipping labels 8164

Enjoy! These will make your students feel extra special! :)

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