Getting creative with everyday items!

So we have all heard the buzz about individual white boards. The students go nuts for them - suddenly, everything is more fun with a dry erase marker in hand! I sometimes hear groans when I pass out a worksheet - but I can put a worksheet in a sheet protector and give them a dry erase marker and voila! they think it's a game and are more-than-eager to get started! :). Now these lovely dry erase boards can get expensive - especially if you're buying for your whole class and are on a limited budget. You can get flimsy ones for $1, but in my experience, they don't last long enough for the investment. So, I've come up with an alternative! And they won't break the bank - I promise!

Ta da!!!!


So simple and inexpensive! All you need is:
  • plastic-coated plates
  • jumbo craft sticks
  • super glue or a hot glue gun
I attached the stick on the back so that the students could hold them up from their desks. I'll use these for true/false, multiple choice, or one-word answers (e.g.: who was your favorite character). The sock in the third picture is used as an eraser - I'm going to ask for old socks from my students (clean, of course!) and then stick dry erase markers in them. No more fighting over who gets what color - whatever comes in your sock is what you get! :)

On another note, I wanted to show you a fun, crafty idea I had for labeling my supplies that the students can use (markers, scissors, glue, pencil sharpeners, etc.). Now the students start the year with all of these items, but it isn't long before slowly but surely they disappear.  I don't mind letting them use mine - as long as they get returned. To ensure that they're returned, I've come up with a quick and easy way to look out and see if a student is using one of my supply items - I've cut small strips of colorful duck tape and wound it around the item. Students don't normally mean to keep the items, but sometimes they get hurriedly stuffed into their desks or pencil pouches. Now they can easily check to see if they've kidnapped something that belongs to me :)

Well that's it for today - stay tuned for more crafty projects to come!

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