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FREE Nature Hunt activities for kids

It's Time for a Nature Hunt!
Take your child outside for a fun time exploring different beautiful parts of nature!
Set aside specific, intentional time to discover and investigate with your child - Make sure you dress appropriately (you might get dirty!) 

Ideas to Engage Your Child:
  • Give your child a magnifying glass and encourage them to look closely at the world around them
  • Practice identifying the color of every item your child sees (i.e. this leaf is green (or even light green vs. dark green for older children)
  • Practice counting the nature items you find (“How many pinecones can you count at the base of this tree?”) 
  • Have your child describe the things he sees using his five senses (“the top of this leaf looks pointy, the woodpecker is noisy, this rock is smooth, this flower smells beautiful, etc.”)
  • Have a kid that doesn’t like to get his hands dirty or touch bugs? Let him wear a pair of kid-sized gardening gloves.
  • Let your child keep a bug in a bug catcher – make sure to put lots of leaves, sticks, and grass in there to make him feel at home. After a day or two release the bug back into nature.
  • Talk about the different habitats for animals in nature – woods, ponds, jungles, fields, artic tundra, deserts, oceans, etc.
  • Brainstorm how the nature area you’re exploring will look different depending on  the season. (no leaves in the fall, snow covering the ground in winter, baby animals in spring, blooming flowers in summer, etc.)
  • Collect rocks and paint them with fun colors and encouraging sayings. Leave them on a walking path or at a park for others to find!

To help make your nature hunt filled with fun and learning, I have created some free printable activities for you to use with your little one! There are several options for you to use - choose what works best for your child or use them all!

Here's a preview of what's included:

  • A magnifying glass template: Give your child a magnifying glass and let him loose! Let him explore and then record the different plants, bugs, rocks, etc. that he observed.
  • Nature Hunt Log: Perfect for pre-writers, this log asks your child to find different specific things in nature and then color them in as he finds them. Celebrate with a yummy snack when the log is completed!
  • Colorful Nature Hunt: This is a higher-level thinking activity that asks your child to identifying different things in nature and then sort them by color. You can write the items as your child dictates to you or have them draw pictures for each color category.

And the best part? You can download these activities for FREE! 
Click here to download: FREE Nature Hunt Activities for Kids

If you go on a nature hunt with your child(ben) I'd love to hear about it! E-mail me news of what you discover and some pictures if you have them! 
Happy hunting!

My Bible Study Journal

I’m absolutely loving my new daily Bible Study Journal 😍. It’s got a beautiful cover, awesome hand-lettered quotes and Bible verses sprinkled throughout it, and has pages for three months of daily Bible study. I got this for my birthday at the end of January and had to order another one for May through July! 

Here are some pictures of the inside:

I love how simple it is. It has added the right level of consistency and accountability for me to use it with my daily quiet time without being overwhelming or tedious.

Grab your copy here --> My Bible Study Journal

There are also a Prayer Journal and a Sermon Notes Journal available - I have them all!

Note: these are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission for sharing the links, at no cost to you. These commissions help keep this website running!

What are YOU reading in your daily quiet time these days? I'm diving into the book of Jonah and I can't wait to see what God teaches me through it. I'd love to hear what you're reading - send me an e-mail and let me know!


As a teacher, we receive many gifts throughout the year as students and parents seek to show their appreciation for our hard work. I always want to thank them for the generosity, but sometimes writing out thank-you notes throughout the year can seem a daunting task. But not anymore...
I printed the thank-you notes in color (but you could also print in black and white on colored paper) and then cut them apart. When a student gave me a gift, I jotted down a quick note to myself and then during my lunch break each day, I addressed the thank-you notes and sent them home that day. It kept the task from getting overwhelming and I was able to thank them specifically for what they brought without writing out a long note each time.

Some of the notes are specific to items your students may bring in - simply print, sign, and give out:
And other notes include more space for you to write a note to the family:
This cute, user-friendly, print-and-go packet is a real time saver for teachers! This 40 page packet includes notes to say "Thank-You" on any number of occasions - when a student gives you a gift, when a parent drops off a coffee, when a family donates a book, etc. Each template is included in both color and black & white. The resource also includes teacher directions and suggestions.
Want to check them out? Click here to see the print-and-go thank-you notes!

FREE Bible Devotional Activity for Kids

Happy Friday, dear teachers!
As a Christian teacher, it was my desire to not only teach students the curriculum, but also give them opportunities to develop personal Bible reading skills. Reading Bible passages and thinking critically about what it means is not something that will just happen without effort. 
When we read the Bible we want to:
  • read
  • decode important vocabulary
  • determine context/historical background
  • think critically
  • make connections
  • reflect/apply it to our lives
  • pray

It takes time and practice for adults to develop these skills - and we can't expect our students to do all of these things without direct instruction, modeling, and a whole lot of practice!
To give my students the needed practice, I set up a time each week to do a "Digging Devotion" where the kids would dig in their bibles and complete a devotional page.
Give your students a copy of the activity page and a Bible passage (or let them choose!) and get them digging in their Bibles and thinking critically about what they read. Perfect for Christian school teachers, Sunday school leaders, and homeschooling parents. 

Today's FRIDAY FREEBIE is a little different - instead of hosting it in my TPT store, I'm sending this FREE Devotional Guide for Kids activity page to all subscribers of my Christian Teaching newsletter. Sign up here --> http://bit.ly/ChristianTeacherNewsletter

The newsletter with this FREE download will be sent early next week, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter today! The newsletters are sent once a month and will never include spam. You can unsubscribe at any time.

National Day of Prayer: Prayer Activities

Related imageToday (May 2nd) is the National Day of Prayer. Americans across all 50 states will gather in churches, local businesses, the steps of city halls, schools, neighborhoods and public gathering places for a day of public prayer for the United States of America.

This year’s National Day of Prayer theme is “Love One Another.” The theme comes from the words of Jesus in John 13:34, “Love one another. Just as I have loved you.”

Every year on the National Day of Prayer I like to spend intentional focused time teaching my students about praying and practicing the important discipline. 

We take notes in our Bible journals using these interactive notebook foldables:

 You can get all of these templates to use with your students by visiting my teacher shop: Prayer Interactive Notebook Foldables 

Here's what teachers are saying about these activities:
"What a great tangible tool for kids to use in prayer!" -Hannah M.
"Our prayer journals got a facelift with these awesome interactive activities!" -A Teacher's Highlight Reel
"This was be such a great reinforcement of all we've been discussing in Bible class. It's fun, creative and thorough. THANKS!!!" -Melissa G.

Teachers Who Pray:
Every Sunday I do a weekly prayer post for teachers to use to pray for the upcoming week in their classroom. Each week includes a prayer prompt and a Bible verse focus. Join me on my Facebook page to see the weekly Teachers Who Pray posts!

Bible Mother's Day Activity

On Mother's Day we honor our mothers and thank them for the sacrifices they've made and the love they've poured into their families all year long. I wanted to create a Bible activity for students to dig deep in their Bibles and take a look at important mothers that demonstrated godly character traits. We can learn from these mothers and recognize the important character traits in our own mothers. Then the students could make their moms (or aunts or grandmothers) a sweet little craft card for Mother's Day.

I've created a print-and-go resource for you to use with your students. This Important Mothers in the Bible download includes six mini biographies of important mothers in the Bible and an activity page for your students to take notes on:
It also includes a print-and-go craft/card that can help your students see the important qualities in their own God-loving mothers (or grandmothers or aunts, etc.)
There are multiple flower templates for you to choose from:

Click here to download this print-and-go project --> Important Mothers in the Bible

Happy Mother's Day, teacher friends! I pray you feel loved and cherished on this special day!

Preschool Bible Lessons: Jesus Calms the Sea

I love creating these Bible-themed preschool lessons - I think it's so important for little ones to be introduced to Bible stories and biblical concepts in a way they can understand and remember. These print-and-go Preschool Bible lessons make it so easy for you to use these activities with your students. Each resource includes lesson plans, skill activities, fun crafts, and more - perfect for the busy teacher, Sunday School leader, or homeschooling parent.
Through these activities the children will learn that Jesus did miracles! Through the Bible story and activities, the kids will learn that we don't need to fear when we are afraid because God is always with us. Jesus demonstrated His mighty power by calming the storm with his words - we serve an awesome God!
This print-and-go preschool Bible resource includes:
  • List of materials
  • Suggested Bible verse (Mark 4:41)
  • Suggested lesson plans
  • The Story: Jesus Calms the Sea (kid-friendly story paraphrased from Mark 4:35-41)
  • Activity: Chalk Storm
  • Activity: Ocean in a Bottle
  • Activity: Musical Storm
  • Sequencing: Story Events in Order

  • Letter Matching Activity: Fear vs. Peace 

  • Handwriting: S is for Storm Handwriting Practice Page
  • Comparing Activity: Sizing Up the Storm
  • Shadow Matching Activity: Storm Shadows

  • Craft: Jesus Calmed the Sea flip book
  • Craft: Peace! Be Still!

  • Mark 4:41 Bible verse cards (10 per page)

My preschoolers absolutely loved these activities - and I was so encouraged by how many story details they remembered! As Christian teachers, we want more than just cute bulletin boards and activities - we truly hope that our students come away from these lessons understanding more about the Bible, who God is, and who they are in God's eyes.

If you'd like to use these activities with your preschoolers, you can check out the full resource here --> Preschool Bible Lessons: Jesus Calms the Sea

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